The main objectives of ORION are:

  1. The promotion of research activities in the area of Cyprus and the Mediterranean in general.
  2. Development of operational information systems and forecasting of environmental phenomena affecting the region surrounding Cyprus.
  3. The protection of natural resources and effective management of environmental risks.
  4. The organization of integrated databases
  5. To promote scientific excellence and optimal learning methods.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, in particular, the main objectives include:

  • The development of research activities for protection of sustainable development, namely the environment, products and goods, the economy, namely the productive structures of society, and the rates of formation and development.
  • The development of innovative activity to highlight the key issues affecting the maintenance and development of systems of optimal living.
  • The development of innovative activities to enhance scientific excellence in education and specialized training.
  • The development of research activities in the surrounding sea area of Cyprus and the Mediterranean in general, the innovative know-how and the elaboration of innovative studies to assist in decisions regarding the protection and management of the marine environment.